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  Giving Back to the Community  


Nepstar drugstores are neighborhood drugstores, and we never forget that the communities in which we operate are the basis of our success. That's why giving back is a natural part of what we do.
In local neighborhoods where we operate, we support a range of educational, charitable and leisure activities.
In 2003, we donated cash and medicine for the nationwide fight against SARS.
In 2004, we partnered with the Chinese Olympic Committee Shenzhen News Center to organize a healthy dance competition in Shenzhen. Hundreds of people participated in the two-month competition.
In 2006, we participated in a community event organized by the State Food and Drug Administration to deliver information on the informed and safe use of drugs.
In 2007, we reinforced our commitment to safety in a nationwide campaign. All pharmacists from our 1,500 outlets pledged to recommend only quality-assured pharmaceuticals to our customers, and thousands of customers signed commitments to only buy medicine from qualified drugstores to protect their families' safety.
In 2008 Nepstar joined the Shenzhen Charity Federation to launch a significant charitable initiative to raise awareness of women's health issues among low-income working women residents in Guangdong province. The company solicited in-store customer donations, printed and distributed over 80,000 copies of brochures containing health tips for women.
In 2008 Together with Neptunus Group, Nepstar donated first aid pharmaceutical products valued RMB 5million to Wenchuan immediately after the earthquake.
In 2010 Nepstar company and staff collectively donated RMB150,000 and first aid pharmaceutical products valued RMB700,000 to Yushu earthquake area and Southwest drought-stricken areas in China.


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